Founded on three pillars, Italian factor, colorful products and functional design, BiMOR’s aim is to prove that a bag can be more than just a bag: it can and must be the perfect accessory to every unique soul.

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Always be more than just your bag

Why BiMOR?

The brand’s name is a mixture between the designer’s name - Bianca Morando - and the concept of always striving to be more. A bag is more than just a bag, it can be the perfect accessory for every kind of soul.


Inclusivity is one of BiMOR’s main values. The aim is to reach the majority of people and to let them be apart of this inclusive world. BiMOR’s universe is open to each soul since it does not care about any existing social prejudice.


Bianca Morando is a young Italian emerging designer who created her own line after experiencing 10 years in fashion retailing. After graduating in Languages and Communication in Milan she lived in New York City where she found inspiration for BiMOR.


The choice of using the phonetic alphabet for the bags’ names is due to the designer’s studies of communication and languages and to her love for the distinctive pronunciation of Italian people abroad.


BiMOR’s production takes place in Italy and it is divided between Florence and Naples. The Italian factor is the red tape that binds together style, concept, ideas and production.

SS20 collection

BiMOR’s SS20 collection is simple, young, colorful and easy to wear. We strongly believe in the power of visual merchandise: one bag, tons of colors. Genuine smooth leather, croc printed leather and suede are BiMOR’s main materials.



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